The Link-list 27 February

1.Should I be surprised that Cartier is in the top ten most valuable fashion brands in the world? Nike came in top with Adidas in 3rd place.

2. Karl Lagerfeld passes away. I have a lot to learn about the man and his legacy but sadly all that sticks out in my memory were some of his routinely racist and fat-phobic comments :-/

3. How TLC predicted internet anxiety.

4. Amazon secures London space for Amazon Go - the staff-less store. Let’s see how this plays out!

5. The designer behind Balenciaga’s Tripple S launches a new line - but how can anyone feel good about creating new product without considering sustainability? Chunky shoe soles are a NIGHTMARE to recycle and to me, contemporary brands can only feel relevant if they’re considering product lifecycle circularity. Do better, fashion!

The Link-list 13 Feb

1.Gucci really f*cked up by creating a blackface turtleneck sweater. Dapper Dan is holding the brand accountable for racism while Gucci’s CEO sounds sincere in making amends. This will be used as a case study for years to come and is a very sad happening in the world of fashion today.

2. Love this new UK-based site for creative interviews called Comfort Zone.

3. I can’t get enough of LVMH in 2019. Plus I heard they’re launching a label with Rihanna this year…#werq

4. Grow your wealth without compromising your values with startup Swell Investing. For the millennial generation who aren’t all about spending their mulah on avocado toast.

5. Yeh, but leather, silk and fur are natural products and there is an ethical case for them.

The Link-list 30 Jan

1. YAY. We launched 2019’s CEO Agenda at work (Global Fashion Agenda in Copenhagen). Check it out for the 8 guiding principles for the fashion industry to et their responsibility shit together.

2. I’ve been enjoying some more focused industry reading lately to inform me further of sourcing, manufacturing and value chain in fashion. This article on brand collaborations was good.

3. Did you watch the Fyre Festival doc? So wild. On the back of that drama, it was interesting read about this transparency pact that some influencers and celebrities have signed. Buckle up.

4. Why I launched a positive change platform called ‘Entry Level Activist


The Link-list 5 December

1.Stella proves that the future of fashion tech is sustainability.

2. This kid is using AI to design clothes. So cooooOoOool.

3. Fashion Revolution commissioned a survey of 5,000 people aged 16-75 to find out how supply chain transparency + sustainability impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions when shopping for clothing, accessories and shoes. 80% of people think that fashion brands should disclose their manufacturers. This is a HUGE SHIFT and we’ll see more of this purpose drive in 2018.

4. Absolutely LOVE Cyril Gutsch’s attitude to how fashion can confront environmental issues like climate change.

5. This: "the specialness — and the price tag — will be determined by design and innovation techniques instead of the rarity of the raw material”. A nice view of the future from Chanel.