The Link-list 5 December

1.Stella proves that the future of fashion tech is sustainability.

2. This kid is using AI to design clothes. So cooooOoOool.

3. Fashion Revolution commissioned a survey of 5,000 people aged 16-75 to find out how supply chain transparency + sustainability impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions when shopping for clothing, accessories and shoes. 80% of people think that fashion brands should disclose their manufacturers. This is a HUGE SHIFT and we’ll see more of this purpose drive in 2018.

4. Absolutely LOVE Cyril Gutsch’s attitude to how fashion can confront environmental issues like climate change.

5. This: "the specialness — and the price tag — will be determined by design and innovation techniques instead of the rarity of the raw material”. A nice view of the future from Chanel.

The Link-list November 21

1. This article threw me initially - a future of fashion determined by male consumerism? But as I read on, I agreed more and more with the points raised. You don’t see hoards of girls and women lined up in question for drops, do ya?

2. Always impressed with the representation on the BoF Voices event line-up.

3. Global waste generation will be nearly double by 2050. What are you gunna do about it?

4. The work of Benji B - his work ethic and progression - has been incredible. Now he is Music Director for Louis Vuitton menswear!

5. Why is streetwear - when so well positioned to make positive change - notably silent on environmental impacts?

The Link-list November 7

1. The Lyst Index (Q3) 2018 is here! OFF-WHITE is at number 1, with Gucci + Balenciaga coming in hot behind. What a year it has been for luxury ‘streetwear’.

2. How Netflix expanded to 190 countries in 7 years. Now that’s a growth strategy.

3. Best news ever! Christopher Ræburn announced as Timberland’s first-ever Creative Director! He’s going to to great things for this brand. Congrats Christopher.

4. I believe that purpose-driven brands are the future. That’s why I am continuously stoked about Adidas’ innovation development when it comes to ocean plastics.

5. YEEZYs are finally available for anyone - but no-one cares! A lesson learnt in value proposition v product availability. Surprised that the Yeezy team got this one wrong.

The Link-list October 24

1. Instagram likes are now a serious metric for investors in luxury brands including Burberry, Gucci and Saint Laurent, Dior and Louis Vuitton… well duh?

2. Awesome! Everlane is eliminating virgin plastic from its business—starting with a new outerwear collection.

3. Palace x Ralph Lauren! Here we go again folks….

4. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fashion For Good at Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year - when I’m beyond excited to see their new museum launch, which is an interactive gaming and shopping experience that teaches you about sustainable fashion at the same time

5. “Everyone I know buys vintage”… same, and I’m loving Depop right now!

The Link-List October 10

1. Yeh, I just bought a second hand LV bag for the internet so would agree.

2. "Moving forward no longer seems to be a priority. It's just the endless drops of products that give the impression of constant renewal". Angelo Flaccavento really is one of my favourites.

3. After Farfetch’s big IPO earlier this year, how will influencer-fuelled Revolve do?

4. Recently discovered MAEKAN and can’t get enough of their selection of really clever, creative people. Really worth checking out.

5. Cam from GQ in NYC is amazing anyway, but this super-cute review of his visit to Hypefest is just the best.