The Link-list October 24

1. Instagram likes are now a serious metric for investors in luxury brands including Burberry, Gucci and Saint Laurent, Dior and Louis Vuitton… well duh?

2. Awesome! Everlane is eliminating virgin plastic from its business—starting with a new outerwear collection.

3. Palace x Ralph Lauren! Here we go again folks….

4. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fashion For Good at Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year - when I’m beyond excited to see their new museum launch, which is an interactive gaming and shopping experience that teaches you about sustainable fashion at the same time

5. “Everyone I know buys vintage”… same, and I’m loving Depop right now!

The Link-List October 10

1. Yeh, I just bought a second hand LV bag for the internet so would agree.

2. "Moving forward no longer seems to be a priority. It's just the endless drops of products that give the impression of constant renewal". Angelo Flaccavento really is one of my favourites.

3. After Farfetch’s big IPO earlier this year, how will influencer-fuelled Revolve do?

4. Recently discovered MAEKAN and can’t get enough of their selection of really clever, creative people. Really worth checking out.

5. Cam from GQ in NYC is amazing anyway, but this super-cute review of his visit to Hypefest is just the best.

The Link-list 26 September

1. Ever since breifly working with him in NY last year, Cam Wolf is probs one of my favourite journalists. His take on Nike in this long-read piece is brilliant - the insights are gold.

2. Swizz Beatz on getting past the hype point with Sotheby’s. This is just a beautifully intelligent pairing that digs into cultural development. I’ve watched it about 6 times this month + I recommend taking 5 to do the same.

3. Burberry’s new logo got blasted (in a both positive and negative light) this season. But this piece from Highsnobiety which pairs 4 digital artists with the brand to reimagine the logo is just stunning - especially the offering from Wang & Söderström.

4. Instagram’s Co-Founders are stepping down from the company. Could this imply a hazy future for the platform? If they don’t find a way to (organically) monetise soon, they could be in trouble - and apparently Snap is ready to bounce-back on this front via a new tech partnership with Amazon. Yikes.

5. And another state-side rival to Tapestry + PVH is born. Capri Holdings purchased Versace this week in their next step to create the American luxury conglomerate… what does it mean for the future of the Italian house? Just please don’t use the term ‘aspirational’.

The Link-list 12 September

1. For a market research project that I’m working on as a commission for Danish fashion brand Ganni, I spent ALOT of time on instagram. I noticed a lot less younger ‘cool’ individuals engaging on the platform that expected. This article summarises: Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media.

2. Alexandra Spencer founded in Réalisation Par in 2015. I really admire her and this article tells her approach story quite nicely.

3. I’m increasingly interested in SSENSE. Their editorial outputs are amazing - more info from the wonderful Marc Bain written up here.

4. Loving the discourse around Balmain’s new digital army. Visually rich but humanly shallow (?), what is the future for CGI, 3D animation and the social driver when it comes to ‘robot’ influencers?

5. My boss, CEO at Global Fashion Agenda Eva Kreuse made the BoF 500 and we couldn’t be happier.

The Link-List 29 August

1. OK, WeWork's summer camp for all employees looked ridiculous. Did you know WeWork are launching an education real estate business called WeGrow as a chain of like, contemporary schools?

2. Thingtesting is amazing and so is Jenny Gyllander.

3. No-one I hang out with really talks about Tinder anymore, but apparently the app is still making some BIG mullah

4. I live in Copenhagen, and I cannot find a single community location to sit and work around like-minded people. I have never experienced The Wing, but hope the global expansion really does continue because so many cities need something similar. 

5. SARDIN sounds interesting. I don't *quite* get it yet, but I will be following the journey of this brand who are trying to disrupt ecommerce to change consumer behaviour