The Link-list 27 February

1.Should I be surprised that Cartier is in the top ten most valuable fashion brands in the world? Nike came in top with Adidas in 3rd place.

2. Karl Lagerfeld passes away. I have a lot to learn about the man and his legacy but sadly all that sticks out in my memory were some of his routinely racist and fat-phobic comments :-/

3. How TLC predicted internet anxiety.

4. Amazon secures London space for Amazon Go - the staff-less store. Let’s see how this plays out!

5. The designer behind Balenciaga’s Tripple S launches a new line - but how can anyone feel good about creating new product without considering sustainability? Chunky shoe soles are a NIGHTMARE to recycle and to me, contemporary brands can only feel relevant if they’re considering product lifecycle circularity. Do better, fashion!