The Link-list 13 Feb

1.Gucci really f*cked up by creating a blackface turtleneck sweater. Dapper Dan is holding the brand accountable for racism while Gucci’s CEO sounds sincere in making amends. This will be used as a case study for years to come and is a very sad happening in the world of fashion today.

2. Love this new UK-based site for creative interviews called Comfort Zone.

3. I can’t get enough of LVMH in 2019. Plus I heard they’re launching a label with Rihanna this year…#werq

4. Grow your wealth without compromising your values with startup Swell Investing. For the millennial generation who aren’t all about spending their mulah on avocado toast.

5. Yeh, but leather, silk and fur are natural products and there is an ethical case for them.