The Link-list 26 September

1. Ever since breifly working with him in NY last year, Cam Wolf is probs one of my favourite journalists. His take on Nike in this long-read piece is brilliant - the insights are gold.

2. Swizz Beatz on getting past the hype point with Sotheby’s. This is just a beautifully intelligent pairing that digs into cultural development. I’ve watched it about 6 times this month + I recommend taking 5 to do the same.

3. Burberry’s new logo got blasted (in a both positive and negative light) this season. But this piece from Highsnobiety which pairs 4 digital artists with the brand to reimagine the logo is just stunning - especially the offering from Wang & Söderström.

4. Instagram’s Co-Founders are stepping down from the company. Could this imply a hazy future for the platform? If they don’t find a way to (organically) monetise soon, they could be in trouble - and apparently Snap is ready to bounce-back on this front via a new tech partnership with Amazon. Yikes.

5. And another state-side rival to Tapestry + PVH is born. Capri Holdings purchased Versace this week in their next step to create the American luxury conglomerate… what does it mean for the future of the Italian house? Just please don’t use the term ‘aspirational’.