The Link-list 18 July

1. I've seen the story referred to as 'Burnberry': not a good look for the brand. The British fashion house physically destroyed finished products worth £28.6 million in 2018, according to its latest annual report - something that sadly distracts from the other great efforts the house is going to in terms of sustainability. 

2. “What we look for is a brand that has a digital lifestyle proposition that’s very distinctive and has a strong community aspect" - the secret formula, as stated by Felix Capital's Frederic Court.

3. Augmented reality is coming to Facebook — in the form of advertisements. I wonder if anyone will care?

4. StockX: the E-Commerce site aiming to tame the ‘chaos’ of today's luxury market. LOVE these guys and have been following the story for about a year now. The boom in sneakers is one of the most interesting cultural phenomenons in fashion maybe ever.

5. Instagram wants to better facilitate shopping through its platform - and it’s enlisting the expertise of modern brands like M.Gemi, AYR, Birchbox, and Madewell to help them get there.