The Link-list 6 June

1. To be honest, I don't really know much about who Mary Meeker is, but I like the key learning points via recode from her annual internet trends report. Fav point: "people are still increasing the amount of time they spend online. Out of the 5.9 hours per day U.S. adults spent on digital media, 3.3 of those hours were spent on mobile"

2. Speaking of trend reporting, read of the week for me comes from WGSN via Sarah Owen with 'Gen Me & Gen We'. Apparently 49% of Gen Zers want to start their own business - super inspiring. 

3. Whenever a fashion retailer or brand mentions that they're releasing something 'cutting edge', it often means that the feature (usually some kind of app or fitting room-based tech) won't immediately change the way we shop. Interested to see results of this from Monki x HoloMe: "Images of nine selected Monki outfits are enhanced with digital effects, allowing the viewer to monitor the garments in great details and experience the holograms as being present in the room".

4. Culture V data. I love this debate and dream to one day be able to find myself + my practice sitting somewhere happily in between. This piece is totally FOR culture: a refreshing perspective that I'm hearing in a quite a few places recently (which is nice after the incessant - and often quite ignorant - industry obsession with 'data'). Branded content is only on the up, people...

5. Do you think this company is really changing the future of fashion? Refer to this article from Vogue Australia for more motivation around sustainability.