The Link-list 20 June

1. Earlier this month, the whole GFA team hired out a cute local cinema to watch all of the recorded footage of 2018's edition of Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Highlight for me was Stella McCartney's keynote - but I also really enjoyed this article from Dazed. With sustainability in mind, she says: "It’s one of the only punk rock things that’s really happening in the industry now; to actually stop and say ‘No, this isn’t acceptable, and we need to work together as a team, as a collective to make change’" Thinking about sustainability as punk is quite fun (thanks Vivienne Westwood).

2. On that note, why has Asos banned mohair, cashmere and silk?

3. I've been thinking a lot about what it is to report on cultural trends recently - and LOVED this piece from new favourite writer Judnick Mayard: Market Research: Off-White's "Black Tape Hip Belt Pouch"

4. Working freelance means hours at home, and it's interesting to see that as more people work in this way, a new fashion category (currently called "roomwear") bridges the gap between athleisure and ready-to-wear.

5. This month I took a trip to Florence for Pitti Imagine. It was basically just a really fun people-watching exercise (!), but I would agree that Milan seems to have turned into sportswear fashion week — it's time to move on and test new grounds.