The Link-List 28 March

1. Social commerce is a topic that rings around time and time again as a challenge for fashion brands. It's a tough one, but I liked this article about the convergence of social + commence in China. As the intro line puts it, "it's the community that sells'.

2. Vogue Australia recently appointed journalist Clare Press as sustainability editor-at-large, a first for any international edition of Vogue. Great to see this trend become an important movement - plus, Claire is confirmed as one of our awesome speakers at 2018's Copenhagen Fashion Summit

3. Urgh, the #deletefacebook data thing. I liked this topical piece on how you can't quit.

4. Prosthetic Knowledge is an incredible art/tech-focussed blog that has informed me for at least the past 5 years. I loved this piece on a new iOS app from Weird Type that integrated AR typography into your iPhone pics + vids. 

5. I'm currently v happy to be working with the Global Fashion Agenda here in Copenhagen, who recently launched a massive industry report: the CEO Agenda 2018. The BoF exclusive on this is here, and you can download the agenda itself here