1. This month, the internet has been strewn with articles, posts, status updates and updates about International Women's Day. While so many that I saw shared the notion that every day is an opportunity to celebrate female power, I enjoyed this piece from Hypebeast about how streetwear must abandon sexism to survive. 

2. Lately, I've been thinking a lot of about 'lifestyle' as a melting pot of previously recognised segmentation categories in retail. The king of capturing youth culture perspective, Virgil Alboh, is collaborating with IKEA on a range of interior products for the first-time (millennial) home-maker. The System Magazine coverage of this and more of his work is interesting and really well-done.

3. I will never get bored of talking about 3D printing, especially as I continue to wait for the technology to start making unmistakable impact in the fashion industry. The day came as a part of this season's fashion weeks where, Demna Gvasalia’s fall 2018 show for Balenciaga featured 3D printing and moulding within some of his industry-leading tailoring. What's next for the tech as far as fashion is concerned?

4. Despite rolling my eyes slightly at the headline for this article ('fashion's hairiest debate', agggg!), I couldn't agree more with how fascinating the faux V fur debate is with fashion ethics and sustainability in mind. I'm seeing more and more people sharing ideas and engaging with this topic. Will the luxury fashion houses continue to stop serving their consumers with real fur options?

5. Adidas sold 1 million shoes made of ocean plastic last year. I didn't realise the metrics were so high - numbers speak louder than blog posts sometimes I guess. Can you try to visualise the pile of plastic waste that went into all those shoes? Scary.