THE LINK-LIST 28 February

1. Glossier continues its reign with venture funding reward round. Long live the queen (Emily Weiss).

2. I really enjoyed this piece on Street Style's racial profiling: 'Street Style Is Killing Itself With Its Narrow Focus on Thin White Women'. Where are the real female bodies? I'd say that this is certainly something I've noticed about the Scandi bubble since moving to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. 

3. The Gucci show! I recently read an interview with one of my favourite CPH-based influencers Freja Wewer, who noted that - with the future of fashion in mind - she just wants to be surprised. Well, it seems as though Alessandro Michele’s insight into that millennial expectation absolutely hit the mark this week with the stunning Fall show for Gucci. I've got a feeling that this is gunna really grow on me. 

4. More on the Speedfactory from Adidas here. This isn't going to stop being important, and besides, talking about how our clothes and shoes are made is essential in changing our attitudes towards more sustainable solutions. Wouldn't you agree?

5. It's a different story for consumer-facing tech, however, with about 25% of retailers surveyed via this piece said they were disappointed in their return on investment from technology projects. Proof that implementation is everything.