THE LINK-LIST 17 January

1. The title of this article caught my eye simply because it made me want to yell "...DUH!". Millennials Will Spend Money For Eco-Friendly Clothing: it's a movement with ongoing momentum. As younger shoppers devour ever-more information online, a seemingly inevitable outcome is that we ask more questions about the things we admire and/ or invest in. 

2. Ex-collete Employees are launching a new concept store. But without the original magic formula, I'm not convinced it will work. Dubbed “Nous,” which translates to “We” (in French), I kinda like the punk / D.I.Y vibe about going ahead with it anyway. 

3. Does mainstream success have to mean lowering prices? Off-white seems to think so with the release of a new, lower-price line. With a super busy agenda of collaborating with a real variety of projects, Virgil Abloh is becoming a really accessible designer / brand. I wonder if this will help him in the long run (commercially). 

4. This article from Bloomberg freaked me out a little. Turns out fast fashion is destroying the apparel industry (+ environment) in ever-more complex ways: when clothes are *this cheap* to produce new, the 'once-virtuous' cycle of donating and recycling clothes into yarn has already begun to break down. Hopefully the end of one era can spell the start of a solutions-driven new one.  

5. Don't wear a slogan t-shirt if you don't believe in the action / activism is voices.