THE LINK-LIST 14 February

1. Less selection will refine retail in 2018, apparently. 'Less selection and higher quality are emerging as differentiators for smaller brands entering a crowded retail market that has many consumers seeking a curated product offering that cuts through the "paradox of choice". There you have it. 

2. Soooooo - everything is streetwear now! From The Gap right through to flashy logo-mania, which continues to bounce is way out of brand archives and onto the instagram pages of it boys and girls worldwide. 

3. How much do you care about the ingredients in your beauty products? Again, its a another sector realising how important transparency is to the future of their purchase power. 

4. Do you have to be wealthy to have a sustainable lifestyle? Well, The Cut argues, you can’t solve sustainability by simply buying things. This clever piece talks about reduction of harm, not binary solutions. Bravo.

5. Loving this story on Heron Preston + Eileen Fisher's shared commitment to producing sustainable fashion. What a cool team!