1. What better way to start the first Link-list of the new year than with an innovation/trend round-up of what to expect in 2018 from Fashion & Mash. I think I'm most stoked about Circular Economy and New Materials. What about you?

2.  I've loved following the Nike brand journey - especially during Q4 of last year - so I've been particularly excited to read this week about a pilot partnership planned between Nike and Stitch Fix. Apparently, the Amazon thing is going well after all...

3. Machine learning and customer support / chatbots. This is where we'll likely see (and experience) the most development this year I reckon - but could public opinion towards data exchange develop in sync?

4. H&M will launch a new "affordable luxury" brand for millenials. So last year if you ask me.

5.  Phoebe Philo and the death of leisure time: designing for a slower era.