THE LINK-LIST 13 September

1. Soooooo - Nike is in trouble? Rome didn't fall in a day...

2. It's New York Fashion Week...! And tbh not that many people care. People are stoked about Rihanna's input though. I wonder what is instore. 

3. Ah, millennial pink, my old friend. When I created this website last March, I knew that grey + pink was a colour scheme I felt familiar with. The colour has become more and more and more popular as the months have gone by - here's some more context

4. The old lady who works in my fav London charity shop is super, super glam, and often wears a tight black t-shirt with the word 'bebe' written in sparkles. I knew nothing of the brand other than that - but this article, which discusses how Bebe is 'back from the dead' is interesting. It cites how the brand's failure to engage retailers through brick & mortar resulted in them closing the business, then relaunching a number of years later as e-commerce only. 

5. Would Farfetch ever launch an own-brand collection?