News(letter) 5 July

1. OK so - first up, I rather enjoyed this read: A Sociology of The Smartphone #digitalhumanities

2. Speaking of smartphones, YOOX Net-A-Porter has launched it's new 'tech-hub' (or 'London HQ', in other words), and in doing so has given every employee an iPhone. I don't quite see how this is big news - a lot of people get given a work phone - and in addition, I'm  a little disappointed in the launch video of the new space. Less high-tech neon pink and more neutral spaces + green creeping wall plants. Maybe the future of technology is human after all...

3. VR will always fascinate me and so will artist Lawrence Lek: The weird + eerie: an interview with Lawrence Lek on crossing the line + exposing the deeply embedded through VR

4. Another thing that I refuse to stop talking about (despite the fact that it is no longer the height of hype) is 3D printing technology. I was v happy to read that Burberry and the Royal College of Art have established the Burberry Material Futures Research Group - which hopefully will continue to push 3D printing tech for the fashion industry. and beyond.

5.Finally, i still love the new urban luxury conversation that just won't stop making both endless news stores + heaps of mulah worldwide. Supreme have made people actually enjoy queuing - but really interestingly I learnt this week that the famed Supreme x designer label collab is NOT a new thing: Supreme worked with Hermès in 2011 on a custom Birkin. Supreme really CAN see into the future!