1. Looooooving the ongoing Supreme x Louis Vuitton Global Launch saga! Sorry to keep going on about it, but I find the way this brand manipulates and demands its audience SO INTERESTING.

2. I had an amazing chat with Dapper Dan this week as part of my project researching for + producing Decoded Fashion's 6th annual NYC Summit this November (titled 'Redefining (Fast) Fashion'). His insights into street / luxe fashion is incredible - plus it looks as though there might be an interesting collab announcement coming soon...

3. MACHINES WITH BRAINS. Nicely designed essay collection from Quartz last week; they always do such a good job with things like this.

4. Ian Rogers is a don + I continue to love the frank way in which he addresses technology as the most important platform for contemporary culture. In the context of (luxury) retail, what he's doing with 24 Sèvres could be exciting - but as of yet I don't quite get the hype. Waiting for a new process ro product launch on the site that really will change the way people shop (not including me because I can't afford LVMH garms).

5. I'm looking to rebrand this News(letter) slightly with a hookier title - so expect to see some small changes to this bi-monthly content and its format in the coming weeks. Feedback always welcome fam.