News(letter) 7 June

1. So who's your favourite Wired 'Next List 2017' nerd? I think the Amazon Alexa trio of super-intelligent women are cool. I like the illustrations profiling everyone on this article too. 

2. Dapper Dan is a legend and has been in the news after Gucci 'paid hommage' to his work in their resort show last week. He opened up luxury to a new audience in the 80s, and with the force of low / street culture driving designer brands right now (Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Vetements), its helping to make some interesting definitions. Relevant for me also as I'm currently working with AirBnb in NYC, who offer a day with Dapper Dan as one of their most popular new Experiences. 

3. What is fashion luxury today, anyway? i-D think they know here, whilst Quartz give it a go here

4. Oooooh: a list of Amazon's Private Label Brands here from the fab newsletter / podcast series, Loose Threads. Watch out, fashion retail! They've got all bases covered, have poached brand teams from the industry's best + are also mates with all of the factories actually making the garms. 

5. These kind of people should be remembered. The programming language that Jean Sammet, who was 89, helped bring to life is now more than a half-century old - but billions of lines of COBOL code still run on the mainframe computers that underpin the work of corporations and government agencies around the world. Digital humanities + histories matter.