News(letter) 24 May

1. OMG - Decoded Fashion London Summit (+ our Fashion Futures Awards & Decoded Beauty London Summit) last week was awesome. I've been working on this project since November, and seeing all of the content come to life at the Summit last week was amazing. I got to work with some AMAZING people as well - my highlights here <3

2. Really enjoyed this article on Wired about how Instagram 'became the realest place online' via their explore integration features within stories. Big shift here from the stereotype / cliche content category of bloggers etc posting lifestyle perfection on the 'gram. 

3. AI (artificial intelligence) continues to permeate business in loads of sectors. When it comes to consumer-facing, this opinion article from Mark Ritson announces AI as 'the end of interruption' (or the beginning of low-involvement consumer decision-making). Sounds like a bunch of marketing nonsense initially, but the piece really helped me see what the future of choice may actually feel like. 

4. Cool recent past events this week included: Riposte Magazine Issue #8 AllDayer launch at Ace Hotel; Marmalade on Toast's DISRUPTION party (in a series titled EDITIONS) with the amazing and bloody hilarious CasetteBoy + University College London's Digital Humanities annual Susan Hockney lecture form Niels Brügger on the digital born + reborn. Upcoming, I'm looking forward to Uniqlo Tate Lates at Tate Modern again this Friday as well as Beer & Beats event in the Deadgood x Breather Showroom this Thursday. 

5. Frustrated by the fashion industry's legacy of pollution, and inspired by brands, startups + companies I've been working with (including Filippa K, Patagonia, Jeanologia and EVRNU), I've started working with Protect our Winters UK to promote climate change awareness. The group is directly linked to the snowsports and outdoors industry (which I'm a keen part of), and I'm really excited to start making a difference through events, awareness and community building. Hit me up if you want to be involved!