News(letter) 29 March

1. In a newsletter posting from last month, I noted an amusing tweet which I randomly saw via a friend. The tweet - from a communications consultancy staff member - called for an expert to share insight into how memes can be used as a marketing tool, which I immediately found fascinating and quite good fun. Apparently, the meme is immediately an incredible platform for brands however, as seen by this month's Gucci offering. Fantastic (and brave) work from whoever pushed for such a brilliant idea. Timing is absolutely everything.

2. New(ish) modern luxury business news platform Lean Luxe is great. 

3. In Singapore this month with work, I hosted a panel discussion with Amazon in which they noted huge plans to launch direct-to-consumer, Amazon-owned brands as a way to energise the currently under-used textiles factories in Asia. Amazon really is taking over..

4. I'm amazed to realise that luxury brand Céline has resisted 'digital' for so long. They're only just launching eCommerce. Like, what?

5. Has anyone tried Air BnB experiences yet?