News(letter) 14 FEB 2017

1. Lane Crawford & Joyce is one of those Eastern retail giants that immediately interested me ever since I heard Kim Bui Kollar, Director of Special Projects at Pedder Group speak at a Voices event last year. The ASEAN region isn't renowned worldwide for being innovative - but that's exactly why I'm excited by the The Cage: a 12-week ignition programme powered by The Lane Crawford Joyce Group. Transparent business does not come naturally to business and culture in Asia, so I'm watching (retail) 'digital transformation' projects of this nature with great intrigue. Particularly as I'm producing a fashion-tech event in Singapore next month. 

2. Especially after the media frenzy which ensued with the news of Alexandra Shulman's Vogue exist last month, this piece featuring Troy Young, president of Hearst Magazines Digital Media, was an insightful look into a market which quite frankly, no-one seems to know the future of right now.

3. Absolutely fascinated by the significance of this decision from Ernst & Young, as they remove degree classification from job entry criteria claiming that there is ‘No Evidence’ that attending university equals success. Such a huge move that certainly signals a real change in business culture. Looks like corporates are finally starting to move in line with people, although I expect this decision may have some interesting backlash. I mean, I'm proud of my degree and want people to recognise it when I apply for a job. How would a decision like this change my chances?

4. Great to see more brands rolling out a serious campaign of experiential marketing through meaningful events - Vans have always done an exceptional job with that and this month's events really show that. 

5. Finally, I just wanted to touch on how fantastic all the rumours are about Supreme + LVMH. All this industry shake-up is brilliant, even if it isn't happening for real