1. I'm feeling inspired by the transparent, open and helpful approach to business (and the world) that Airbnb's founder Brian Chesky is driving - especially through some recent tweets. Take a look if you haven't seen them already. The response is amazing. 

2. Beauty salon 'of the future' WAH Nails hosted a pretty neat little in-store event last week called #wahselflove - which I attended via instagram stories. Really on a roll with this wellness movement and teaming it with a beauty audience was spot-on. Gunna book in for a manicure ASAP - who wants to join me?

3. I loved this article from Daniel at Grabble which actually gets down to the discussion of mobile + native for commerce in meaningful depth. Speaking of mobile - this piece called 'Inside Instagram's Reinvention' with Kevin Systrom is coooooool.

4. I headed over to General Assembly for some after-work mingling + free (cheap) wine to attend an awesome new series of events that Kin&Co are presenting called 'Modern Day Wisdom: Kickass Women Slaying the Tech World'. One project stuck in my mind particularly - check out Olio, a food-sharing app with some impressive stats and some interesting ladies at the helm. Tessa proving that it's never too late to make a difference really stuck with me. 

5. After a lot of research - including interviews, skypes and calls with some of the industry's most progressive people - I'm so excited to present Decoded Fashion London Summit's 2017 agenda. The event takes place on May 16 + 17, and we've titled it 'Inside Out: Creating True Alignment'. I hope to see you there!