THE LINK-LIST 6 December

1. Is Airbnb loosing its charm? Quite a few people online are agreeing with this notion following a brilliant article from Quartzy this month. I guess that's why they launched trips - which is only growing in terms of launch reach.

2. Yes! QR codes may have another chance to shine! I always kind of hated QR codes in the same way that I hated comic sans before the font became the world's biggest in-joke. But recently whilst trying to produce an event for a charity I work with, I understood how bloody useful the QR code truly could be / is - all we need now is for people to start using it more!

3. I was repeatedly wondering what ComplexCon was like in the US last month. Luckily, SSENSE really helped erase my FOMO. Kinda sad though

4. I'm researching for 2018 industry trends at the moment, and during an interview this week was introduced to Silent Goods. A transparent brand created by quiet industry artisans wishing to deliver a beautiful product devoid of brand rep. Very interesting + super transparent (2018's biggest buzzword) - and they've received HEAPS of funding via Kickstarter

5. Towards the end of this year, we've also seen huge amounts of cross-over between lifestyle sectors. Although this isn't a particularly new idea, the resulting brand partnerships (in sync with brand attitudes, more on this soon) are quite interesting. I guess businesses are still just desperate to take a piece of every possible sector pie. Makes sense, right?