THE LINK-LIST 8 November

1. Hoooooly shit, its been busy this end. We produced a 2-day Fashion / Beauty Summit in NYC which went SO WELL. Insights from the event here from one of our sponsor partners. 

2. Fabulous and business-savvy. Do not underestimate 'it-girls'. I love Attico - more details here from Vogue

3. I used to work in the 3D printing industry during its consumer BOOM a few years back. The hype curve fell of course, and the industry became a bit stagnant. However, the key thematic drivers I came to understand well regarding this tech still stand. The definition of '3D Printing' may waiver, but the concept of creating individual product rapidly is still VERY exciting and increasingly relevant

4. In the same line of thought - SPEED matters. Read this

5. Do you still use Snapchat?