THE LINK-LIST 25 October

1. Excuse my language, but fuck fast fashion

2. Honestly, when did you last use eBay? Admittedly, I love browsing on the platform for vintage things I never buy and / or second hand size 5.5 nike trainers. What's next for the brand as they try to retain relevancy in the face of Amazon? 

3. I'm so excited - Eva Chen of Instagram senior team fame is speaking at my event in NYC next month. I'm really looking forward to hearing her thoughts and deciding whether or not she is as interesting as her online outfit posts are.

4. I want to work at Theory! Seriously, how cool does this team structure and business approach seem?!

5. StockX wants you to treat sneakers like an investment - stock ticker and all. Ah tech, when will you be satisfied with your ability to suck the fun + culture out of niche categories?