THE LINK-LIST 22 November

1. OK, so again, MEGA BUSY week or 2 for me this end. We produced another major 2-day event, this time in Milan. Personal highlights came from a values-driven keynote by Levi Strauss + FINALLY meeting the team at Orange Fibre (sustainability-tech brand making textiles from orange peel) - other points of note written up on Vogue Italia here

2. Yay! I've always loved Vans :^)

3. This is an exclusive excerpt from Sneakers, a new extensive book about sneaker culture: it's a piece from GQ about what happens in Adidas' 'secret Brooklyn office'.

4. Speaking of GQ, they've had such an amazing year in terms of ethnicity diversity on its cover. When will other brands truly appreciate that lack of variety = lack of potential consumer (alongside the basic messed-up ethics of the whole thing)?

5. I still find the Vetements fashion revolution exceedingly interesting. Especially now its hit SE Asia!