THE LINK-LIST 11 October

1. I have quite a lot of telephone interviews with bunch of very interesting people in my job, however, a real highlight form the past few weeks has been connecting with the Dapper Dan family. Not only are his insights spot on in terms of acknowledging and contributing to contemporary culture and fashion behaviours, but the humility with which even his simple emails are written is just lovely. He is one of the New Yorkers that originally brought Harlem to the world, and I'm delighted to have made his acquaintance. 

2. Devastatingly hip fashion brand + exceedingly accessible interiors superstore. What does the future look like for OFF-White + Ikea?

3. We are slowly - but surely - changing the way grown-ups define us. Go Gen Z, you got this!

4. What does fashion continue to learn from Apple - and where does the role of AR come into this? Fashion is particularly ripe for an AR intervention apparently. 

5. Oh Supreme, you massive sell-out. Looks like people may be more interesting in the re-sale anyway...