The Link-list 10 April

1.Only 42% of the ASOS brands currently meet its anti-slavery standards…. like, wow.

2. Could entertainment make brand activism actually work?

3. I spoke to the wonderful Matthew Williams from ALYX about sustainability and innovation <3

4. Fonts for your side hustle website!

5. DOUBLING UP on sustainable product in the next 5 years only. Shows how quickly this space is moving and how innovative fashion is going to have to be to keep up with this new kind of consumer expectation

The link-list 27 March

1.Sustainability is one thing but talking about it can be loooooong. This article is interesting in this context.

2. Thrift stores can't keep up with all the junk and they're saying the signs lead to Marie Kondo

3. If women’s sports is fashion’s biggest failure yet biggest opportunity, then streetwear has to be fashion’s biggest cash-cow. Let’s go.

4. Bad times for Virgil - Louis Vuitton won’t produce any Michael Jackson-inspired pieces from its FW19 collection :-/


The link-list 13 March

1.Not hating the more intelligent content coming out of the UK’s Miss Vogue recently - especially with these piece ‘5 Young Feminists On What They Really Think About International Women's Day’. The editorship has got nothing on Teen Vogue, but at least its getting better!

2. How Plastic Is a Function of Colonialism. Read this (from Dec last year).

3. Virgil Abloh’s reusable water bottle for Evian is indicative of luxury’s new mindset – but shouldn’t sustainable products (especially with WATER in mind) be accessible and desirable to all?

4. The Shoes of Prey Journey Ends: a brilliant piece by Michael Fox on why mass market product customisation (footwear) did not work out for them long-term.

5. Upcycling is the future: give me those Nike VaporMax 2 Random made with excess / offset Flyknit yarn.