The Link-list 25 April

1. This article is fantastic work from Dazed: Are CGI models taking jobs away from real people of colour? A fascinating debate. 

2. Some numbers from The Fashion Law on how much water is used in the creation of a pair of jeans. Yikes. 

3. In an interesting move, Netflix has considered buying theaters.

4. Its funding season! Launches from Natalie Massenet (Imaginary Ventures) + Farfetch (Dream Assembly) look exciting for brand building in 2018. 

5. Trying not to be this person: Millennials Say They Care About Sustainability. So, Why Don't They Shop This Way?


The Link-List 11 April

1. Maybe I did love the brand more than the product! This Vetements beef goes on and on. And on!

2. The business of hypeeeee (podcast). Fun stuff coming from Hypebeast. They gotta pull out some badass content in the wake of Highsnobiety's massive funding round earlier this year. 

3. How is Nike thinking about women's sneakers differently? Good question amongst all of the boys club scandal..

4. Why Virgil at Vuitton only begins to combat industry racism. Thoughts on this?

5. Worn - Wear from Patagonia. Experiential and socially-responsible retail on tour. What a gig!


The Link-List 28 March

1. Social commerce is a topic that rings around time and time again as a challenge for fashion brands. It's a tough one, but I liked this article about the convergence of social + commence in China. As the intro line puts it, "it's the community that sells'.

2. Vogue Australia recently appointed journalist Clare Press as sustainability editor-at-large, a first for any international edition of Vogue. Great to see this trend become an important movement - plus, Claire is confirmed as one of our awesome speakers at 2018's Copenhagen Fashion Summit

3. Urgh, the #deletefacebook data thing. I liked this topical piece on how you can't quit.

4. Prosthetic Knowledge is an incredible art/tech-focussed blog that has informed me for at least the past 5 years. I loved this piece on a new iOS app from Weird Type that integrated AR typography into your iPhone pics + vids. 

5. I'm currently v happy to be working with the Global Fashion Agenda here in Copenhagen, who recently launched a massive industry report: the CEO Agenda 2018. The BoF exclusive on this is here, and you can download the agenda itself here


1. This month, the internet has been strewn with articles, posts, status updates and updates about International Women's Day. While so many that I saw shared the notion that every day is an opportunity to celebrate female power, I enjoyed this piece from Hypebeast about how streetwear must abandon sexism to survive. 

2. Lately, I've been thinking a lot of about 'lifestyle' as a melting pot of previously recognised segmentation categories in retail. The king of capturing youth culture perspective, Virgil Alboh, is collaborating with IKEA on a range of interior products for the first-time (millennial) home-maker. The System Magazine coverage of this and more of his work is interesting and really well-done.

3. I will never get bored of talking about 3D printing, especially as I continue to wait for the technology to start making unmistakable impact in the fashion industry. The day came as a part of this season's fashion weeks where, Demna Gvasalia’s fall 2018 show for Balenciaga featured 3D printing and moulding within some of his industry-leading tailoring. What's next for the tech as far as fashion is concerned?

4. Despite rolling my eyes slightly at the headline for this article ('fashion's hairiest debate', agggg!), I couldn't agree more with how fascinating the faux V fur debate is with fashion ethics and sustainability in mind. I'm seeing more and more people sharing ideas and engaging with this topic. Will the luxury fashion houses continue to stop serving their consumers with real fur options?

5. Adidas sold 1 million shoes made of ocean plastic last year. I didn't realise the metrics were so high - numbers speak louder than blog posts sometimes I guess. Can you try to visualise the pile of plastic waste that went into all those shoes? Scary.