News(letter) 3 January

1. What better way to start the first Link-list of the new year than with an innovation/trend round-up of what to expect in 2018 from Fashion & Mash. I think I'm most stoked about Circular Economy and New Materials. What about you?

2.  I've loved following the Nike brand journey - especially during Q4 of last year - so I've been particularly excited to read this week about a pilot partnership planned between Nike and Stitch Fix. Apparently, the Amazon thing is going well after all...

3. Machine learning and customer support / chatbots. This is where we'll likely see (and experience) the most development this year I reckon - but could public opinion towards data exchange develop in sync?

4. H&M will launch a new "affordable luxury" brand for millenials. So last year if you ask me.

5.  Phoebe Philo and the death of leisure time: designing for a slower era.

News(letter) 6 December

1. Is Airbnb loosing its charm? Quite a few people online are agreeing with this notion following a brilliant article from Quartzy this month. I guess that's why they launched trips - which is only growing in terms of launch reach.

2. Yes! QR codes may have another chance to shine! I always kind of hated QR codes in the same way that I hated comic sans before the font became the world's biggest in-joke. But recently whilst trying to produce an event for a charity I work with, I understood how bloody useful the QR code truly could be / is - all we need now is for people to start using it more!

3. I was repeatedly wondering what ComplexCon was like in the US last month. Luckily, SSENSE really helped erase my FOMO. Kinda sad though

4. I'm researching for 2018 industry trends at the moment, and during an interview this week was introduced to Silent Goods. A transparent brand created by quiet industry artisans wishing to deliver a beautiful product devoid of brand rep. Very interesting + super transparent (2018's biggest buzzword) - and they've received HEAPS of funding via Kickstarter

5. Towards the end of this year, we've also seen huge amounts of cross-over between lifestyle sectors. Although this isn't a particularly new idea, the resulting brand partnerships (in sync with brand attitudes, more on this soon) are quite interesting. I guess businesses are still just desperate to take a piece of every possible sector pie. Makes sense, right?

News(letter) 22 November

1. OK, so again, MEGA BUSY week or 2 for me this end. We produced another major 2-day event, this time in Milan. Personal highlights came from a values-driven keynote by Levi Strauss + FINALLY meeting the team at Orange Fibre (sustainability-tech brand making textiles from orange peel) - other points of note written up on Vogue Italia here

2. Yay! I've always loved Vans :^)

3. This is an exclusive excerpt from Sneakers, a new extensive book about sneaker culture: it's a piece from GQ about what happens in Adidas' 'secret Brooklyn office'.

4. Speaking of GQ, they've had such an amazing year in terms of ethnicity diversity on its cover. When will other brands truly appreciate that lack of variety = lack of potential consumer (alongside the basic messed-up ethics of the whole thing)?

5. I still find the Vetements fashion revolution exceedingly interesting. Especially now its hit SE Asia!


News(letter) 8 November

1. Hoooooly shit, its been busy this end. We produced a 2-day Fashion / Beauty Summit in NYC which went SO WELL. Insights from the event here from one of our sponsor partners. 

2. Fabulous and business-savvy. Do not underestimate 'it-girls'. I love Attico - more details here from Vogue

3. I used to work in the 3D printing industry during its consumer BOOM a few years back. The hype curve fell of course, and the industry became a bit stagnant. However, the key thematic drivers I came to understand well regarding this tech still stand. The definition of '3D Printing' may waiver, but the concept of creating individual product rapidly is still VERY exciting and increasingly relevant

4. In the same line of thought - SPEED matters. Read this

5. Do you still use Snapchat?