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Faith Robinson is a portfolio-living content producer specialising in creative strategy. At 27, she produces projects around the world and has written + researched with leading startups, individuals, brands and institutions from art, fashion, tech, media and beyond (favourites listed below). Faith's work focuses on story-telling around innovation + exploring positive change, purpose-driven futures in depth - from bespoke insight and strategy reports to major content-driven event production. Faith has a First Class Honours degree (UK) in Art History with 7 years experience in fashion / retail / tech strategy. She is based in Copenhagen via London but often works internationally + remotely. 

clients: Global Fashion Agenda, Pitti Immagine, Ganni, Stylus Media Group

programming: Copenhagen Fashion Summit (Denmark), e-P Summit (Italy)

I believe in the power of change through collaboration, community and that nothing on this planet comes close to the importance of education - my project Entry Level Activist is informed by these principles.

I'm also a passionate freeride skier and support climate change awareness charity Protect Our Winters UK